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projector lamps for sale in Johannesburg| Commercial Lamp for import to south Africa

projector lamps for sale in johannesburg

Projectors and spotlights make a huge contribution to the brightness of vast places, so that we can ignore the other types of lighting in this area. In this article, we are going to scrutinize the advantages and characteristics of an LED projector.

 LED projector

The LED floodlight is a kind of high-power LED lighting that is used to illuminate large areas. LED projectors, like other LED lights, produce their maximum light after lighting, which is why it is also used to provide light to areas that require high security.

Evoud LED projectors are manufactured in different capacities and sizes, according to different applications and requirements. From the lighting of a large outdoor parking lot to the lighting of the park and garden, the LED projector is considered a reliable and desirable lighting for different environments.

Although the LED projector is often used in outdoor environments, such as parking lots or stadiums, it can be used to provide light to vast indoor areas such as warehouses, exhibitions or sports halls.

projector lamps for sale in Johannesburg| Commercial Lamp for import to south Africa

Can i replace my projector lamp?

Can i replace my projector lamp?projector lamp experts

Color temperature LED projectorsDespite the fact that most companies offer their LED projectors at only 6500 K (bright white and fluorescent light), the company has made it possible for buyers, depending on their needs, to purchase sunny and natural colors too. . You can also make your projector for special applications in green and red colors.
Sunshine is more suitable for lighting your garden. The sunny colors make the atmosphere more friendly, pleasant and warm. Moonlight can travel longer, and it’s a great option for use in safety and security as it is stunning.
Why is the LED projector?We talked about the economic features of LED lights and LEDs so far, and LED projectors are no exception. LED projectors use about 80% less energy compared to older projectors, 12 times more efficient than previous projectors, and their quality is the same as the quality of the previous generation projector.

different types of projector lamp

different types of projector lampprojector bulb

COB or SMD: What should I look at when buying an LED projector?LED projectors typically are divided into two types of Surface Mounted Diodes (SMDs) and COBs (Chip on Board), depending on their application. SMD diodes are mounted on a single surface, which reduces the size of the projector. SMD projectors are also called compact projectors. SMDs are commonly used, and because of their ability to change the light color, lightness, and smaller building that they have in common with COBs, they have been using them in general, but they have lost rhyming to COBs in terms of energy consumption and quality of light.
The COB lights are newer and are more energy-efficient than the SMDs. COBs, like SMDs, have put several diode on a single board, but the main difference is that COBs have more diodes. All diodes mounted on a COB are on a circuit and therefore do not have the ability to produce light in different colors, but it is possible to separately control COBs for projectors that have more than one COB (such as a projector of 120 W EcoWat and a 180 W EcoWat projector ) There is. COBs have a lumen wattage, which produces more light per watts of energy, making it more energy-efficient than SMDs. While the minimum lumen ratio per watt for SMD lights is about 50, this number is about 80 for the THD.

best projector lamp for sale in Johannesburg

best projector lamp for sale in Johannesburg In this part of the guide to buying an LED projector, we plan to talk about the application and factors of choosing the appropriate LED projector.

 LED projectors are used to illuminate large open spaces such as parking lots and stadiums, indoor and outdoor areas such as storage rooms and sports halls, gardens and greenhouses, lighting of tourist and historical places and providing security lights for places that are sensitive to security.

You can use your infrared sensor (Passive Infrared) to sensitize your LED projector to the motion, and when your subject passes through a sensitivity limit, your LED projector lights up. As you know, due to the nature of the LEDs, continuous and continuous LED lights and lights are no harm to your brightness. Infrared sensors are common and safe and have many other uses, including automatic doors.

main projector lamp experts and suppliers in Johannesburg

main projector lamp experts and suppliers in Johannesburg

You can also connect your projector to a photocell sensor (light sensitive sensor). With decreasing ambient light, the photocell’s electrical resistance changes (decreases), and your projector turns on. Also, when the light is sufficiently in the environment, the electric current sensor is cut off. With this sensor, it would be easy for you to turn on the projector at night.

If you intend to use LED projectors as security lights around your home, you should consider a good place to install it. The best place for such uses, outdoors and tidying up, is to light up dark and sensitive areas such as the entrance door or dark corners of the alley.

Another use of LED projectors is the lighting of historic and tourist places. With the help of color-coded projectors, as well as COB projectors that are produced in certain colors, the focus is on contributing to the attractiveness of the audience. SMD projectors that have the ability to produce different colors can be easily controlled and can be painted with a remote controller.

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