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high quality led floor lamps | Energy Efficient LED Floor Lamps

LED lights have many advantages over traditional lights.
LEDs are the latest and most sought after technology in the
light industry. LED lights are small, powerful solid lamps, energy
efficient and high lifespan. This makes the LEDs more durable than
traditional filament lamps. LED technology also has more advantages
compared to light bulbs, fluorescents, and other lighting units. This
could include a longer life (60,000 hours), a lower power consumption
(۹۰% more efficient), and lower maintenance and safety costs.

certainly heard a lot about the benefits of LEDs, such as their greater
energy efficiency compared to other traditional lighting options. As
you compare them with other light-saving energy-saving technologies that
are already available, you’ll find out how much LED lights provide a
smarter way to save energy and know energy efficient LED lamps.

Considering the remarkable advantages of these kind of lamps, in recent years, high quality led floor lamps have been widely used by people over the world. Indeed, floor lamps are by no means the only solution but they offer incredible
flexibility and you can find something in all shapes and sizes to fit
just about any decoration you have in place.

high quality led floor lamps | Energy Efficient LED Floor Lamps

different types of LED floor lamps

Since using LED floor lamps has been widely considered by many people in recent years, LED lamp suppliers produced different kinds of them to present their customers. Each kind of LED floor lamp is designed for a purpose.

۱) Swing arm lamp: A swing arm floor lamp allows you to adjust the position of the lamp
based on your particular lighting needs at the moment.

۲) Torchiere Lamp: A torchiere lamp
enhances the ambient light in a room by creating an uplight. The light
produced by torchiere spills out of the top of the lamp. It’s a good
choice if you want an accent lamp or just need to boost the amount of
overall light in a room.

۳) Tower Lamp: A tower floor lamp kills two birds with one stone. It provides a
gentle glow and some accent lighting in a room. When the lamp isn’t
turned on, it resembles a piece of sculpture, enhancing the beauty of a

۴) Table Lamp: Don’t confuse a floor table lamp with another type of table lamp. A floor table lamp is a multi-tasker. It is a floor lamp with a table attached to the center of it. This
type of lamp is an excellent option when you don’t have much room and
would like a table and a lamp.

۵) Club Lamp: A club lamp is also known as a standard or traditional floor lamp. It’s essentially a narrow column with a light on top. Different styles of club lamp are out there. For example, some might
have a decorative column while others feature a single, plain pole that
attaches to a basic lampshade at the top of the lamp.

high quality led floor lamps | Energy Efficient LED Floor Lamps

brightest kinds of led floor lamps

Among the different kinds of LED floor lamps, multi-way or three lamps is considered as the brightest kind. A multi-way or tree floor lamp is simply a lamp with multiple lights
on it. You can position the lights at a variety of angles, based on what
you need to illuminate. Although plenty of people associate tree lamps with their dorm room days, it is possible to find a multi-arm lamp that is sophisticated enough to use in the home of a fully grown adult.

high quality led floor lamps | Energy Efficient LED Floor Lamps

led floor lamps designs 2019

There are different LED floor lamps designs which you can see on the market. It’s time
to start thinking about the style that blends best with your decor.
Luckily, there are almost as many styles of floor lamp as there are
decorating styles out there.

۱) Mid-century modern
۲) Scandinavian
۳) Mission shaker
۴) Country
۵) Tiffani
۶) Industrial
۷) Bohemian
۸) Contemporary

high quality led floor lamps | Energy Efficient LED Floor Lamps

best suppliers of led floor lamps in the world

Due to popularity of these lamps, many companies thought about extending their commercial activities to supply LED floor lamps. The main difference between these suppliers is the quality of their products and also LED floor lamps prices that they declare. Based on surveys, the overall winner for best floor lamp is none other than the Brightech
Leaf LED Floor Lamp. It’s like the Mercedes-Benz of floor lamps but at a
fraction of the price.

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