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5 Tips to buy high-quality tower light at lowest price

5 Tips to buy high-quality tower light at lowest price. An tower light is a piece of mobile equipment that has one or more high-intensity electric lamps . Almost always, the lights are attached to the mast, which is attached to the trailer, with a generator set up to feed the lamps. Typically the lamps are metal halide lamps and the generator is powered by a diesel engine. read more about the solar tower flasher, solar marine light, led dock lights, led projector lights, best led projector, led projector price and ground led lights.

5 Tips to buy high-quality tower light at lowest price

Distribution of tower light in bulk

Distribution of tower light in bulkBuying a variety of optical towers at affordable prices through reputable online markets is possible in person. Light towers are used to illuminate large areas such as parks, squares, streets, and many major municipalities in the world that are seeking to beautify their city by purchasing a variety of optical equipment, making the optical tower projector a top priority in Germany. Urban beauties consider.

Distribution of optical tower types with valid warranty

Optical tower reseller with valid warranty The mobile optical tower, fixed optical tower is provided by the reseller established by the manufacturers, so that applicants and buyers can buy the product at the lowest cost and on time at a fair price and quality. And it provides a good market for municipalities. Optical tower reseller with a guaranteed warranty is one of the most prestigious sales markets created by manufacturers in the best geographical locations and sells this product at extremely reasonable quality and price and these resellers are the best option to buy and sell. It is a sale and many customers welcome it.

The advantages and features of the optical tower are:

  • Providing street lighting
  • Distribution of light and illumination of a large area without shading
  • High flexibility and high functionality
  • High durability and extreme resistance to weather conditions such as wind, cold and heat
  • Extremely easy maintenance

Countrywide sale representative of tower light

Representative of various types of tower light in international stands

Representative of various types of tower lights in international stands exhibitors in the market, shops and sales centers have been selling various types of optical towers of different quality in international stands. These agencies are also active in the major distribution of this product. The price of optical tower sale varies depending on the quality of the tower.

 In order to buy a quality product you can go to online stores and online markets and find and buy the best product in different designs and colors. We offer these online stores to save you time and money. Visiting the supply and sales centers of high quality optical towers in Tehran and in the special store of these products is one of the best ways to view the optical tower. Visiting the sites and the online store is an optical tower supplier and online shopping is one of the best ways to make this product available to view the price of this product in person and compare products. If you are also a buyer of high quality optical towers at amazing prices and amazing quality in Tehran markets you can take several different ways, for example.

  • Refer to the supplier’s store
  • Visit exhibitions related to such products
  • Visiting the factory producing optical tower
  • Visit the markets and websites that sell such products

The benefits of shopping online for products can save time and energy, reduce costs and help reduce traffic and air pollution, making it popular in modern and advanced countries.

Order tower light from reputable stores

Order tower light from reputable storesWholesale of all types of optical towers without intermediaries in reputable stores

Nowadays, many companies and factories produce high quality standard light towers using mechanized machines, high quality components and knowledge of experienced experts. Optical towers are used to light large areas such as parking lots, docks and stadiums. To buy this product mainly you can go to the major optical tower sales centers or reputable internet sites and buy the desired product.

The price of all kinds of tower light in the domestic market

The optical tower, the light tower, also called the lighting tower and the lighting tower, are used to light large areas such as parks, resorts, squares, streets, bridges, buildings (such as hospitals, factories). As you know, LED projectors are also complementary products of optical towers. Many major municipalities around the world who buy various types of optical equipment in order to beautify their city consider optical towers to be a higher priority than urban beautification elements. For example, in 2003 the municipality of Milan spent around € 90,000 on preparing Milan city for Christmas tourists to buy optical equipment (such as optical towers – optical towers) (Spatnik – May 2003).

Optical tower price

Prior to purchasing and pricing, it is necessary to review the above with relevant experts and consult with the needs, potentials and infrastructure of the city or village you are considering. Experts are ready to answer you. Items to be checked in the lighting tower:

  •  Wind speed and wind pressure forces in the area
  •  Ground structure and soil sex
  •  Tower weight to calculate foundation
  •  Earthquake resistance and other natural disasters
  •  Adherence to international standards
  • Common Elevation Table Light Tower or Light Tower
  • Conventional shapes and height

Animated light tower types

Movable lighting tower is made in two types of electric and manual.

Manual Model: Mostly used for low light towers (usually up to 15 meters) and low number of projectors. In this model the projector frame is moved by the help of manpower using winch and handle.

Motorized model: Mostly used for light towers over 15 meters high and with high number of projectors. As its name implies, it can be easily moved up and down by the power of a projector with the push of a single key.

Movable light tower price

The price of this product depends on various parameters such as its height, number and type of projectors, environmental conditions of installation, type of coating (in terms of wind speed, humidity, etc.). The price of the light tower foundation is also determined by the height of the light tower, the number and type of projectors, the environmental conditions of the installation (such as soil strength, soil structure of the installation site, wind speed, etc.), whether pre-fabricated or in-situ construction. Can be done. You can contact the experts of the company 24 hours a day and ask any questions professionally. Also be aware of the updated price of the moving light tower.

  • Movable light tower profile
  • From 6 to 40 meters
  • Height
  • Overlap
  • Assembly
  • Hot galvanized or industrial paint
  • Cover
  • To the desired number
  • Number of mountable projectors

Major Tower light suppliers

Major Tower light suppliers Design and Production Capabilities of Optical Tower Suppliers:

  •  Ability to produce multifunctional parts as single pieces up to 12 and 16 meters high
  •  Ability to produce single-sided polyhedral parts up to 1 mm in diameter
  •  Ability to install mechanical locks to prevent the moving basket from falling
  •  Ability to design and build lighting towers for special or multipurpose applications

The following items should be considered by the supplier when designing and constructing lighting towers and lighting towers:

  •  Wind Speed ​​and Wind Pressure Forces in Region 2
  •  Soil structure and soil sex;
  •  Tower weight to calculate foundation;
  •  Earthquake and flood resistance and other natural disasters;
  •  Adherence to international standards;

The price of an optical tower also depends on several factors that will be mentioned below:

  • The number of components used in an optical tower determined by the height of the mast,
  • Thickness of the sheets used Also the quality of the sheets used increases with the thickness of the sheets, the heavier the structural weight and the higher the price.
  • Lower opening diameter of lighting tower and upper opening of lighting tower (The diameter of the structure is greater the rigidity will be greater)
  • Material used to be of high quality and high quality brands.

Production of various types of optical towers and delivery to all over Iran

Production of optical tower and shipment to all parts of Iran. Production of various types of optical tower and shipment to all parts of the country satisfies the needs of consumers well and customers can purchase the product according to their needs. In order to deliver products produced in a timely and low quality to the consumer, the manufacturer opens agents in all cities to provide customers with distribution and distribution.

In fact, they are the intermediary between producer and consumer. High consumer demand has made it possible for more equipment to be manufactured by the manufacturer, which greatly contributes to the development of the manufacturer, and with the sale of optical towers in all cities, there are huge profits.

The best brands of tower light in Tehran market

How is the price of tower light in Tehran market and its brands?

The price of the light tower is highly volatile due to the many steps involved in producing this product. In fact, with a small change in any of the variables, the final and finished price of the light tower structure can be raised or lowered.

But the important point in this regard is to be careful not to sacrifice quality. As we have repeatedly witnessed, many light towers fell due to manufacturer’s inaccuracies in technical specifications and failure to comply with standards (inadvertently or deliberately) and put the lives of people at risk.

If we want to headline the factors affecting the price of a light tower, the following factors affect the final price of a light tower structure:

  • Precision Height or Useful Height: The actual heights are taken to be the actual dimensions given the overlapped value. For example, an 18 meter light tower should be built 20 meters to give the final dimensions of the 18 meter precision structure when overlapped in two steps. But in useful mode the same structure is built 18 meters and after installation and overlap will actually be 16 meters high. It is very important for your loved ones to be sensitive when checking the price and delivery when ordering.
  • Sheet Thickness Used in Light Tower Structure: The thickness of the sheets in the light tower structure is reduced from the bottom to the top of the order. The lower parts are thicker and the upper parts thinner. But what thickness each manufacturer considers for the first parts is important. The higher the thickness of the sheets, the higher the structural durability and the higher the price.
  • Upper and lower crater diameter: High and low crater thickness is also effective in price. In each segment the diameter of the lower crater is higher than the diameter of the upper crater, and this rule applies throughout the structure. That is, if a builder increases the diameter of the upper and lower openings of the tower, the weight of the structure goes up and its price increases. For example, if you are pricing an 18-meter tower from two different companies, you need to specify the diameter of the top and bottom craters to get the right scale for comparison.
  • Structure Weight: Given the above, the heavier the structure, the higher the price obviously and the lighter the lighter the final price will be.
  • Order Quantity: As the Tower of Noor is built on demand, if the order number goes up, because the work is done in secret and some of the costs are covered, it adds less profit. Taken from a customer unit, it can reduce prices.
  • Light Tower Projectors: Available tower projectors on the market have a variety of price ranges. Famous or foreign brands have better services and higher prices, and non-famous brands are also lower in price. So, in your price query, highlight the brand, watt and type of projector you want.

The light towers of the production team are of guaranteed quality and excellent. The modern equipment and specialist forces of this production team strive to provide the best possible quality in delivering the ideal product at a high price, trusting and satisfying your dear customers and making this a top priority.

Import and Export company of tower light

Import and Export company of tower lightExport and Import of all kinds of cheap optical tower

Our company is a manufacturer of low cost optical tower which has been successful in exporting and Importing optical tower which has satisfied both domestic and foreign customers. The optical tower is divided into telescopic (ordinary) and stadium categories. A telescopic or ordinary optical tower is used to illuminate a large courtyard and a space that cannot be illuminated by a base light.

Optical towers are manufactured in different heights from 1 to 2 meters in 2 models of fixed lightbox, manual lightbox (manual gearbox) and electric motor lightbox with electric gearbox. Our company has been exporting inexpensive optical towers in recent years.

A.S.D Company Trading Company invites you to buy the best telecommunication warning lights and Solar Marine Light.

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