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Wholesale Price of SMD LED Lights

SMD LED lights are produced in factories by machines with high precision that work quite automatically. This kind of lights have a very low voltage and do not consume much energy and therefore do not make the surrounding environment warm.
The viewing angle of SMD LED lights is wide and perfect. These lights spread light very well and are not concentrated like old ones.

SMD LED lights
Why SMD LED lights are popular

Why SMD LED lights are popular

SMD LED lights are popular among people for outdoor lighting and display. The main reason is that this kind of lights have a variety of colors such as red, blue, and green. The lights are also different in the number of diodes in each light.
There are SMD lights that can produce almost every color. They are very useful to beautify open spaces like yards and gardens.
High brightness of SMD LED lights is another feature of these lights in comparison with other kinds of LEDs and conventional old lamps.
The number of times that an SMD light is turned on and off does not influence the light’s lifespan. There are some kids at homes that have the bad  habit of doing so; therefore, There are no worries with SMD lights.
The SMD LED lights have no glaring effect to harm eyes. Many eye issues have always had roots in the kind of lights people use at home.

People’s increasing awareness of the surrounding environment is making them using LEDs more than before. SMD LED lights overcome many health and environment issues. Therefore people use them more and more every day.

SMD LED lights
SMD lights in electronic devices

SMD lights in electronic devices

Small dimensions of these lights which makes them very compact allows the users to install them very easily.
Electronic devices are very sensible to heat and therefore the producers use SMD LED lights alongside and inside these devices due to their low heat feature.
SMDs are also very suitable for electronic devices like computers, hard drives, traffic lights, and so forth, because the lights can be very small and energy efficient.

SMD LED lights
SMD LEDs’ long lifespan

SMD LEDs’ long lifespan

This kind of lights live a long life and work for thousands of hours; in another words for 11 years. The reduction luminosity in these lights is very low which is about five percent in one thousand hours.
Therefore, people do not have to replace their lights too often and pay a lot of money for it. SMD LED lights can be in all rooms and outdoor spaces with no worries about the electricity bill.
SMD LEDs are used mostly where space is very important and changing colors matters.

SMD LED lights
Parts of an SMD light

Parts of an SMD light

  • Body
  • LED board
  • Driver

The body of SMD lights are in different forms like bulbs, strips, projectors, and panels. The categorization of SMD lights are according to their kind of body. One of the famous and popular forms are old conventional filament bulbs which have SMD LEDs inside.
The body is better to be aluminum because it is cheap, available and flexible. This body also won’t let the SMD LED inside get warm and break down eventually.
The projectors are also very widely used for outdoor lighting. The projectors, of course, are better to be of waterproof kind to be protected by rainfalls.
The LED board is usually made of aluminum, ceramic, or compact plastic. There are two positive and negative input for the board. For big lights like projectors there are eight inputs.
The driver is a full wave AC-DC convertor and converts the electricity voltage to -40 to +40. The voltage depends on the power and the kind of the SMD cheap input. Drivers are the defining factor for the lifespan of SMD LEDs.

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