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High Quality Waterproof LED Corn Lights

Waterproof LED corn lights have a great lighting. They are very luminous are suitable for places that need a lot of light. Much lighting does not mean using a lot of electricity because they are very energy efficient.

The corn lights as the name suggests are like corns. There are many single LEDs on a metal surface. All these lights provide a very strong brightness. The usual yellow color of the lights is just like a corn kernels on a corn cob.

waterproof led corn lights
No heat with aluminum heat sink

No heat with aluminum heat sink

LED lights do not give off much heat. However, a large number of them on in one pack may produce some heat.  In the waterproof LED corn lights the aluminum structure is in fact a heat sink. The aluminum will not let the light to get warm.

This structure will surely add to the lights’ lifespan. There are also corn lights with fans. However, the fans do not work well enough. They usually burn out after a short while or get stopped by small flying objects in the air.

The aluminum structure is very economical, too. This metal is very much available. It is also cheap and will not add much to the lights’ cost. It is also flexible for manufacturing purposes.

waterproof led corn lights
Different outdoor lighting with corn lights

Different outdoor lighting with corn lights

Outdoor lightings should usually be very bright and luminous. Having a high luminosity in regular lights means consuming much electricity.

With LED corn lights high brightness is possible with weaker power. Therefore, they are suitable for many outdoor lightings like streets.

The waterproof LED corn lights can be on street lamps, pathway lights, highways lights, some outdoor wall lights, etc. Because the lights are waterproof any water exposure will not burn the lights out.

They LED corn lights can replace the regular lights they have the same base. The size of corn lights is sometimes big; therefore, the covering should have enough space for the light.

waterproof led corn lights
Corn lights work for years

Corn lights work for years

Having a long lifespan is the advantage of all kind of LED lights, and corn light are not an exception. One year is the lifespan most regular lights. That is why they are very expensive to use.

Waterproof LED corn lights work for thousands of hours. One reason is the LEDs which typically do not burn out after many years.

LED lights do not give off much heat and are resistant in low and high temperatures. Therefore, they are very environment friendly.

Water is the cause of many burn outs in electronic devices. It is therefore necessary for many of them like lights to be waterproof. As mentioned above they are mostly used in open spaces which adds to the importance of this matter.

waterproof led corn lights
More than seventy percent efficient than other lights

More than seventy percent efficient than other lights

Big and luminous lights are not usually energy efficient. When there are a lot of them the electricity usage increases to a considerable level.

In a small place there maybe are a lot of big lights. Every house and street need big lights at night to ease communication. Big street lights are necessary for safe traffic.

LED corn lights can replace all of them. The corn lights are even brighter. However, they consume up to seventy percent less energy. Therefore, it is very electricity efficient and economical to use LED corn lights everywhere in a city.

Using less energy means having a less warm earth. Environment matters for everybody. Using corn lights means helping it.

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