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Factory Price of LED Filament Lamps

LED filament lamps is what people are looking for these days. This lamp is just like the old incandescent light bulb but the visible filaments inside are LEDs.

They work the same way and need the same voltage; however, the light angle is much wider. People use them both for the light angle and the unique look they have for their homes.


LED filament lamps
What makes filament lamps attractive and useful

What makes filament lamps attractive and useful

The first thing that may worry people about LED filament lamps is the fact the light may not be as warm as the old incandescent lamps.

In LED filament technology the problem is solved. The design is in a way that the blue light of the LED is converted to a warm white and makes the lighting pleasant.

Another benefit is that this kind of filament lamp are more energy efficient; and the reason is the LEDs inside. LED lamps give the same light but consume less electricity. The electricity bill will be at least 70% less.

LED filament lamps have some low power LED chips. By these chips there is no need for heatsink. Nevertheless, the temperature of the lamp should be cared for. However, the lifespan of this lamp would be long and luminosity loss would be less.

Therefore, there is no need to change your lamps, probably every year, because the LED filament will work for many years.

LED filament lamp
A filament with antique look and modern technology

A filament with antique look and modern technology

Technology has changed the look of everywhere. These new changes are not always favorable. There are people who look for ways to go back to the days were things were simpler.

LED filament lamps let people have the old look and the modern technology at the same time. The shape of these lamps just looks like the old Edison lamps but the LEDs inside are very modern.

The shape is vintage and old style and the light as warm as the old lamps. The lighting is not an overwhelming bright white. Instead, it is warm, and pleasant.

The LED filament lamps are great for decoration. Chandeliers, outdoor lanterns, or any other fixtures can have these lamps on themselves to make the house more inviting.

LED filament lamp
Different shapes with different uses

Different shapes with different uses

The LED filament lamps have different shapes suitable for different places and different uses. Here are some of them:

  •  the first one is like the Edison’s first lamp which is probably the most popular one in the market. It is suitable for many decoration ideas.
  • the second one takes you to early 20th century. The Victorian bulb shape looks vintage and nice.
  • the third one is very stylish. The antique globe bulb shape is nostalgic and it is suitable for decoration of any kind.
  • the forth one is the tubular bulb shape which has different sizes. The small ones are suitable for wall scones, for example.
  • the fifth one is the silver bowl bulb shape. It is very luminous and a great choice for open fixtures.
LED filament lamps
Other features of LED filament lamps

 Other features of LED filament lamps

Almost all LED lights are dimmable. With the help of the dimmer you can set the brightness of the light as much as you wish. You could set the light to be brighter or darker.

These lights do not hurt your eyes. The lights do not have UV or infrared rays. UV rays burns and dries eyes which results in many eye problems.

The LED filament lamps like other kind of LEDs can work well with automatic devices. They can connect to smart switches to be controlled by smart phones.

The lights are perfectly made. However, producers usually offer warranty at least for one year to reduce the shopper’s probable worries.


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