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Best Price 3 watt LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are quite new. They are used for fixtures like ceiling lights. Fluorescent lights used to be the choice before this innovation. However, the panels new technology and design got the place.
LED panel get more and more popular these days for their kind of lighting and design. The lighting can be cool or natural white. The lighting angle is very suitable for different places which 120 degrees.
The LED panel lights are mostly the best choice to lighten indoor spaces. They are not heavy and can be installed everywhere needed.

LED panel lights
Unique design for better lighting

Unique design for better lighting

The LED panel is made in a way to have the best kind of lighting. The lights are the latest high-tech LED lights. The panel has a lightweight frame made of aluminum.
The frame is very important because leakage of light is prevented by the frame. The light is equally distributed in the panel to have an even lighting. There is also heat sink for the panel for more safety.
The LEDs can be different colors. The color is surely and option, too. Color LED panel will certainly look different and stylish.
The LED panel lights are made in different sized to fit small or big places. The round design of the panel is also available in the market.

LED panel lights
Less energy consumption

Less energy consumption

LED panel use LED lights as the name suggests. The LED technology is especially energy efficient. It means the panel can have low wat LEDs like 3 or 5 wat lights.
LED panel with low wat light does not mean there will be less brightness. The brightness is as strong as the ones with incandescent bulbs of even fluorescent ones.
A regular light bulb consumes at least two or three times more power than a single LED. Therefore, LED panel helps with the electricity bill people have every month.

LED panel lights
Long working and luminosity

Long working and luminosity

LED lights can work for very long hours. LED panels usability can last for five years at least which means over fifty thousand of hours.
Incandescent lights work for about two thousand hours and fluorescent ones for six thousand hours. The comparison shows what choice is clearly more reasonable.
There are regular lights that may work for more hours but their luminosity will decrease and they need to be changed. LEDs’ luminosity will be probably 5% after long hours of lighting which is quite acceptable.
There is only very little chance that LED lights burn out. They are perfectly made and therefore cost efficient.
Therefore, long lifespan means saving more money. People do not have to change their light every year or so and instead they save the money for other purposes.

LED panel lights
Special features of LED panel lights

Special features of LED panel lights

The LED panel lights are available in different colors. The panel can be with one color or some colors at the same time. Color LEDs can beatify the lighting and make a special experience.
LED panel lights can be installed in different ways. Different places and different applications are possible with these panel.
The LED panel light can be installed on the wall, or hang from a ceiling, or placed on a surface. It is suitable for home, office, shops, markets, hospitals and other places.
There are many places that the light maintenance is very difficult. And changing the lights and regular checkups are not possible so often.
LED lights need the least maintenance. They can endure cold and warm weather or dry or humid conditions. They will not break easily, as well.

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